Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paradise That is Pohnpei

Today marks my 7th year here in Pohnpei. “Time flies when you’re having fun” I remember one song goes, but for me “time flies when you like what you do”, for if it’s not that then I would have gone back home after a year or two. Its not always fun though, there are times when days were difficult. But all in all it was, and still, a good adventure for me.
Going back years even before med school, I chose to pursue my Doctoral study at Saint Louis University way up north in Baguio City so I will be closer to my province of La Union where I see myself practicing Medicine later on. I did for a while after med school and securing my medical license and my practice was slowly picking up. But then there was economics and the sad story of politics intervening in my pursuit of further practice which eventually ended my dream of staying and continue my practice there.
Then came this opportunity to practice here in Pohnpei which on first impression, was like going back to my province. The setting was rural, plain and simple, and the people are in need of medical care. The feeling and ambiance of the place is like staying in the province, people with simple needs and wants and living a simple life. The only difference is you’re earning and using Dollar currency. So I felt comfortable and not wanting in my stay.
Pohnpei is one of the four state of the Federated States of Micronesia, the others being Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae. It is here where the capital of FSM is that is why it becomes the center of all activities of the country. It is located about 3 hour plane ride to the east of Guam and about 7 hours plane trip to the west of Hawaii.
When you arrive in Pohnpei, a big sign outside the airport would greet you “Welcome to Pohnpei: The garden island of Micronesia” because of its very beautiful flora and fauna some of which are only found in this island paradise and truly this small island of 34 thousand people is a Paradise in its own right. People in general are very courteous and friendly, the place has lots to offer if you’re the one who wants tranquility and peace. No shopping mall, just small groceries which offers mostly products from the Philippines and from the mainland US; having only one theater but always up to date; a disco house for those who likes to dance the night away (literally the night because it closes after midnight); bars and restaurants are a plenty for people here really loves to eat.
Another thing I admire in Pohnpei is their politicians. I am used to see politicians in the Philippines with body guards left and right (front and back too) that even a Barangay Chairman cannot move about the barangay without his tanods; but here, the President of the FSM goes to church by himself without anybody guarding him. You would often meet their Congressmen and Senators walking the streets usually in their zorries (slippers) and very simple clothes. You can even be elbow to elbow with the Governor in one of the restaurants.
Though they have their own government, people still believe in the traditional culture of having Nahnmwahrki (kings) in every Municipality. Traditional beliefs also play major roles in everyday life of the people, but slowly western ways are on the rise especially in the younger generations.
So how did I end up here in Pohnpei? Well let me see where I will start, hmmmmm. I was in my senior year as a Resident Physician for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Quezon City General Hospital and was on my rotation with the Internal Medicine Department when I overheard one of the Consultant Physician ask the residents if they would be interested in working somewhere in Micronesia. So I asked him if they are only interested with an Internist and if I could also apply. He said they may consider me and if I am interested, to give him my Resume. After several weeks, he called me up to set up a meeting with his friend who knows the owner of the hospital in Micronesia that is looking for a physician. To make the long story short, I was able to talk to the owner and agreed in principle as to what the contract would be. After that everything went so fast that in late October of 2001 I already have my ticket and Entry permit for Pohnpei. I remember having a difficult decision of leaving because I was having problems leaving my two boys behind. They were very young that time and I know they need me to be beside them. But on the other hand, if I go on with this their future would be better secured. So I kept postponing my trip until my mom and dad gave me security that they will be taking care of my two boys and everything would be okay.
So finally, I left for Pohnpei on 29 November 2001 and arriving 30 November 2001.
I started working in Pohnpei for Genesis Hospital and after 4 years was offered a position for the government hospital. Actually more for the Public Health Department, I accepted the offer and was assigned to man the Community Health Center. After 6 months on the job, the Director of Health Services met with me and told mo to give another application for the position of Medical Director for the Health Center since it has been vacated for several years. And so I was then promoted to Health Director of the Center. Being the Medical Director has its privileges like attending Seminars and Conferences held in the US mainland, Hawaii and Guam on a regular basis but the draw back would be more paper works and reports. Oh well, who says such trip is free.
I my seven years here in Pohnpei, I have made new friends and acquaintances. Some of them already left for better work in one case or another. I have been elected president of the Timpuyog Dagiti Ilocanos iti Pohnpei (TDIP), an Ilocano association, at one time and was elected, and still serving, as a Board Member for the United Filipino Community In Pohnpei (UFCP) twice. I remember during the first election, I received the 2nd highest vote for the position of Board member and during the last election landed in the 1st place. Being in the Board, it has become parallel with being the masters of ceremonies for most of the events and the most fun assignment for me was to play Santa Claus during the Christmas Party. You should see the faces of the kids when they see me, the smile they have is really priceless.
Again all in all it has been a good seven years for me and I am looking for several years more. This has become my second home away form home; my paradise and the most tranquil place for me to think about my future and the future of my kids.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Dinner Buffet

It is my Friday day-off today. I will be On-call tomorrow at the main hospital’s Emergency Room so they placed me off today. It was a typical Friday for me, on second thought; it is not quite a typical Friday off for me. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning which is again early for a day-off since I usually wake up at 8:00 a.m. or past 9:00 a.m. in may day off. Anyway, I slept very early the night before so therefore waking up early as a result is expected.
Though its my day-off today, I was asked to join a meeting with the representative of the Pacific Islands Health Officers Association (PIHOA), who is on-island for several days, the Director of the Health Department, PCHC Chairman of the Board and the Executive Director of PCHC which was scheduled at 9:00 a.m. So I still had time to do my chores.
I started to do my laundry for the week and cleaned the house as usual. I was done at about 7:00 a.m. so I still had time for myself. I don’t really know what pushed me to do my 10,000 steps for today but I had this urged to do so and so, I walked on my usual route after which, I lifted some weights on my new Gym set (ahem). I was done by 8:30 a.m. and so I started preparing for the meeting.
The meeting was held at the Health Directors Office and it went well. We finished at about 11:00 a.m. I went home directly to prepare lunch. I had two visitors for lunch today. I invited my friend at work over for lunch and another one came by to ask for help with her computer. We had tuna sinigang for lunch.
After lunch and after they left, I started again using my Gym set until about 3 p.m. then rested. At 4:30 p.m. I have this urged to do my walk again. So I went out and walk to the causeway and passed by KSP restaurant on my way back to pick up the food for my two pets.
Along the way, I had a phone call from a friend and he reminded me about our plan to try the new Dinner buffet with Island Girls Performance they are offering every Friday night only at Ocean View Restaurant. He said to pick me up at about 6:30 p.m. since it starts at about 7:00 p.m. Then it struck me. This is probably the reason why I was doing extra work-out this day because subconsciously I know I will be eating a lot tonight. And also the light lunch I had was also because of this. So with this in mind I said YES.
At 7:00 p.m. we were already there at Ocean View Restaurant. It has been quite a while since my last visit to the place and it has been renovated and looks better than it was before. I noticed that the light setting was low which is probably to my advantage so that they wont see how much I will be eating. There is now a big stage on the front area and the veranda is now wider and cozier than before. The only thing that did not change was the bar.
There were not as many people as we anticipated this night so there was no lin
e to the buffet table. They offered barbequed chicken, pork spare ribs, hotdogs and STEAK. There was tuna sashimi and vegetable salad. They have several local foods and there were noodle dishes, one of which became a point of discussion between my companions. One said its pancit the other claims that it is sukiyaki. What ever it was its good, well actually everything was good since at this time I was already starving. I was looking for the chicken kelagen, a Guamanian recipe, which they claim to have in their flyers, but there was none. Anyway, food was good and plenty.
After dinner, we were entertained by the Island Girls, a group of young female who performs local dances. I really admire how they sway their hip on dancing the hula. They do it effortlessly and g
raciously. These set of Island Girls are the nth generation of these Island Girls group. I have seen at least three groups of these girls before this but these new ones still has the appeal graciousness in dancing.
The opening number was a fast one and boy, they can really dance! They performed seven numbers and they danced to both fast and slow hula music. There was even a slow s
olo dance by one of the young lady. There were three young ladies and a young girl in this group. The youngest one performed solo. And she was really good. I know the parents of this young girl and they were there to watch her perform. I was even teasing the father to perform the dance himself. The three young ladies looks familiar to me but their names skipped my mind.
All in all, the evening went well. I had good food and was entertained by good dancers. You would really get your money’s worth. Anyway, I was so full that I asked my friend to just drop me off at Palm Terrace so I would just walk back home. He insisted to drive me back home because its far from where I want to get down and he said it might rain, but I explained that I am really full and I need to walk it off and I don’t mind if it rains and get wet because I am on my way home.
So I did walk home and felt better after that slow leisurely walk home. It was a little windy too at that time and good thing it didn’t rain. In my mind all through the walk was, will I be there again next Friday, hmmmm, I’ll blog it later

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chicken Inasal and Lumpia

Its a Sunday, a day of rest before the start the coming work week. I woke up early this typical Sunday morning for what reason, I don't know. Early, meaning at 5:30 am. Anyway I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and as usual I started my day by brewing my coffee, sweeping the floor and mopping it right after. After feeding both pets, I had my morning ritual of using the rest room and showering right after (never tried it the other way around).

Contemplating of whether doing my daily walk that early in the morning or in my usual afternoon walk I chose the latter and decided to just lie around and read a book. A little past 6:00 am, a friend send a text message bragging that she was on her way to the track and field and explaining how glad she was that the road going to the track and field was all her own at that time of the day. But later send another message that she was almost attacked by street dogs. Well I was to warn her earlier about the possibility of being attacked by dogs along the way especially she's walking alone but I don't want to spoil her fun. Anyway, she later text me that she survived.

I continued my day passing the hours reading my novel when a little past 8 am my phone rang. It was another friend (and neighbor) on the line. She reminded me that we are to have lunch at their house today and I would help her pick up some ingredients for her recipes' for today's lunch. I asked her what was she planning to cook for lunch and she said she learned new recipes and would like to try it. She mentioned a chicken recipe which she said is popular in Southern Philippines and it is a grilled one. What came to mind immediately was Chicken Inasal and she said that's it. Then she added she also remember a dish she tried in Guam that is a combination of vermicelli (sotanghon) papaya and carrots wrapped in lumpia wrapper with lettuce. Having had an early and light breakfast made me say YES without any hesitation.

She picked me up at around 9 am and we went around buying the ingredients for both recipes and were at their house a little before 10 am.

Lumpia, are dishes of Chinese origin which is similar to spring rolls. Variation of the dish would depend on the ingredients being wrapped by the thin pastry made of flour and egg (that is why it is sometimes known as egg roll). I have tried a lot of varieties of this dish from Lumpiang shanghai (with ground pork, minced onion, carrots, and spices with the mixture held together by beaten eggs), lumpiang sariwa (minced ubod, flaked chicken, crushed peanuts and turnips) and its "naked" variety, Lumpiang Hubad; Lumpiang prito (fried and filled with bean sprouts and other various vegetables), to Banana Lumpia or Turon (wrapped sliced banana).

Anyway, this particular lumpia is somewhat different for the filling consists of sotanghon, grated papaya and carrots, deep fried and after frying, wrapped again in fresh romaine lettuce. The dipping sauce preferably is sweet and sour sauce. It was good and tasty and apparently a good meal for people on diet, like me (ahem). It was really good and it gave me an idea to make some for me to store in my ref and cook some as needed. Try it folks....

My friend then asked me to de-bone the chicken leg quarters that we bought earlier to prepare it for the next dish. After which I also minced some garlic (actually crushed) while she steeped some achuete in olive oil. After this she mixed the chicken fillet, achuete oil, garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper and some chili together and let it stand for an hour. This is the Chicken Insal dish.

Chicken inasal is another Filipino dish, this time one for the grill. This is an Ilonggo dish, or more specifically, Bacolod dish. The chicken pieces, imbued with a reddish hue from achuete or annatto seeds, is nothing but appealing to your sight, but it’s the smell of inasal cooking that always brings about rumblings in the stomach, and you can’t wait to sink your teeth into it. Different variations in preparation and cooking are known but this is the simpliest I ever learned (actually this is the first for me). And so after an hour of soaking the chicken in the mixture, I started barbequing it.

While doing so my friend also prepared some tuna sphagetti as an addition to the menu she had. It was a warm Sunday afternoon but it was a good and satisfying one with the food we had for lunch and later followed by a freshly brewed coffee.

Now I am ready for the new week coming...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Walking, Diabetes and the Causeway

10,000 steps a day to prevent diabetes, hypertension and joint diseases. This is what we are promoting at the Community Health Center. So, as they say, do as you preach, I make it a fact to take 10,000 steps a day.
With my step meter in place, music on and walking shoes on, I set out my journey into the long and winding road of Pohnpei. Oops, mistake, it is a long one but not winding, for today I decided to do my walking at Deketik road, a reclaimed area build to connect the airport to the mainland Pohnpei.
The decision for me to start my walking exercise started last year when I noticed myself to show signs and symptoms of Diabetes and was diagnosed to have it later on. Diabetes runs in my family. Two of my elder sisters already had it, my mom was diagnosed to have it way back in the early 80's and passed away recently due to diabetic complications, and her sibling had it also. My dad's sister, which is my auntie naturally, also has diabetes. So it is not surprising that I, having the genetics for diabetes plus the risk factors for it like weighing so and so pounds at a height of 5 feet 7 inches with a waistline of so and so...would have it.
Before the month of November of 2007, I always had a normal blood sugar reading. Though my body habitue is on the chubby side, even my cholesterol levels are within normal limits. Then came September of 2007. This is an event that I called Pigs Life in Guam. I was invited to participate in a symposium sponsored by the Guam Medical Society with a theme (ironically) Obesity and the adolescence. This was probably why they invited me, not because I am an adolescent but the other one.
I arrived in Guam on a Thursday afternoon and was immediately invited by a Filipino friend for dinner after checking in. The dinner was a buffet dinner and most of what they offered where the ones seldom seen or better yet, an expensive menu for everyday dish back in Pohnpei. With such a feast, who can resist the temptation of gluttony? So on and on I ate until about 9:30 p.m and they took me back to my hotel. Upon reaching the hotel I just lie around and watch TV until I fell asleep.
The following day, my phone rang at about 6:00 am and on the line was a good friend of mine from Pohnpei, Robert Nanpei. He was apologetic for not meeting me the day before as he had promised before he left Pohnpei 2 days before I did. Apology accepted, he then invited me for breakfast for which I obliged. He picked me up after an hour and brought me to another hotel which served breakfast, buffet style. Unlimited bacon, ham, eggs either omelet, boiled or fried, sausages, frankfurters, mash potatoes, potato grits, potato salad and the likes plus bottom-less coffee.
So again, I have sinned. I can't resist gluttony. We finished breakfast at around 10 am and I was again at the hotel a little past 10. I went around the lobby window shopping and walking by the pool and beach area to more or less burn some of the excess load. I went back to my room and noticed that I have a phone message. I later learned that it was the Manager of the Guam Branch of a Pharmaceutical supplier. I returned the call and was asked at what time I am free for lunch. So as full as I am that time I told him if we could do a late lunch and he agreed.
So at 1 pm of Friday we met and he took mo to another Hotel and where they offered lunch and guess what? Its buffet style! So for the third time in two days I have committed the sin of gluttony.
Later that afternoon, I noticed myself using the rest room more often than usual. At first I thought it was because of all the coffee and iced tea I drank the day before and the morning before. So I didn't mind it a bit. The Symposium started with a Welcome Party for the delegates and again dinner was served, buffet style. Ironic it seems that we are talking about Obesity and diabetes and here they are, the sponsors, giving us reason to be obese and diabetic.
So, for the fourth time and the 5th, 6th and 7th time I have sinned committing gluttony.
And since I have sinned, I have to pay for my sin. I started noticing the urge to urinate more often and I mean every 15 to 20 minutes! I also notice dryness of my throat which I attributed for my smoking that time, so I stopped smoking that day. But still the dryness of my throat persisted.
Instead of going back to Pohnpei after the symposium, I decided to go straight to Manila to attend my Moms 71st birthday. My sisters and I planned to have a big party that day to celebrate as one all of the family member who has his or her birthday in September. So again, a party, so again unlimited food so again gluttony.
After a week in Manila, I went back to Pohnpei. Still frequently urinating, I was thinking I hope its not UTI. With dry feeling of the throat, I was on denial that I was having Diabetes symptoms. I arrived in Pohnpei Monday morning and the following day I checked for my Blood Sugar, it was 288 mg/dl (normal is about 110 mg/dl)! I started exercising and going on a diet since then and after 3 weeks, my blood sugar went a little bit down to 248 mg/dl. After consulting with my fellow Physician, I started my diabetes medication. I was placed on a combination of medications for my diabetes which I took loyally. After 2 months, my blood sugar level was down to 178 mg/dl level which is still very high. So I decided to take part in the Health Center program of 10,000 steps a day but was not able to maintain it. My blood sugar level was up and down for most part of the year.
About 2 months ago I decided to really do it everyday, and with frequent cajoling and inspiration from a good friend of mine at work, I decide to start my 10,000 steps a day activity, and boy it gave me good results. 2 weeks of daily walking, I loss 2 pounds and my sugar level was at the range of 130 - 140 mg/dl. Feeling good about it, I maintained my daily walk and loss another 2 pounds in a week time. This and a bit control of my diet, my sugar level was at 120 - 130 mg/dl. Presently, I lost about 5 pounds and my blood sugar level is at a manageable range and the good thing about it is that was able to use my old clothes which I kept for quite sometime now because it was too tight then.
So until now I do my 10,000 steps a day except of course if weather is not permitting. I usually start off at about 5:30 in the afternoon when traffic is lesser and walk my way to the reclaimed area in Deketik going to the airport area and back to Kolonia Town. The causeway is straight road bounded on both sides by sea water and have a good view of the famous Sokehs rock. Fewer cars pass this area at this time around so chances of being side swept is low. The side walk is soft with grass on the first half of the road turning into a gravely sidewalk as you near the airport area but with more trees on the sides. Also at this time of the day, the area is breezy so sometimes it's very hard to build up a sweat.
Walking through the straight road of Deketik you would also see and meet other people who do their regular walking exercises. The person you will meet on day one will be the ones you ll meet on all the days you do your walk.
When I do my walk I usually listen to classical music on my portable music player and it fits the scenery at the causeway. Listening to music such as Adagio, Mediation song, Mozart Concerto No. 21, Pachelbel's Canon in D, Nocturne, On Golden Pond to such songs as Girl From Ipanema really makes the walking exercise more like a relaxing activity. And the mood is not that stressful.
So what benefit do I get from this, again walking does control my blood sugar, helps me loose weight and overall makes me feel good inside myself. So go on and start your own walking exercise, alone or better yet tag along somebody so you can chat while walking.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sinanglaw, an Ilocano popular dish. The ingredients include the innards and skin of a cow sautéed in onion, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and kamias, cooked over medium heat until tender. In its original recipe, a moderate amount of the cow’s bile (or papaet) is added for more zest. Cooking time would be for 3 - 4 hours depending on the tenderness of the innards. Use of pressure cooker to cut the cooking time is not advisable. But the wait is well worth it really.
Well for me it was worth it anyway......
My friend called me up around 10 a.m. and invited me to have lunch over his house because he will be serving Sinanglaw. Surprised he was awake at that time on a Sunday so I thought he really prepared early for the dish. Anyway, I took my time preparing to go and at about a little past 11 a.m. I started my journey to his house.
I was not even halfway to the destination when it started to rain softly but the wind was harsh. Good thing I have with me my very sturdy umbrella and was able to continue my journey. All the while imagining the hot and spicy taste of the dish that will be served.
Almost 3/4 along the way, still raining and windy, I was about to pass a big puddle of water on the road and noticed a car nearing the puddle. So in anticipation, I tried to get back on the sidewalk area, which was more flooded for which reason I was walking on the road, when lo!!!! I slipped and fell on my butt!!! The first instinct was to stand up and get hold of myself, then slowly and inconspicuously look around if any body was looking. A little farther down the road was an old lady standing by the front of a grocery store and I thought, well probably didn't see me because of a poor vision. The car that passed by prior to the fall didn't stopped so, the driver nor the passenger probably didn't see me. And still looking around saw no more people in sight. But as I continued on, and almost in front of a hardware store, there was a boy who was looking at me as I pass by, eyeing me as if to say, "hahahahaha....I saw you fall"...that bastard.
So with a drenched right side pants, hurting butt and painful wrist, I continued on with my walk towards my friend’s house. Still salivating with the thought of the hot and spicy soup and tender meat, I moved on.
Finally, I reached the house, but wait, how come there was no distinct smell of a cooking sinanglaw? How come no table set for lunch? I looked at my watch, which was on the left wrist so it was not banged when I fell so it’s still working, it was almost 12 nn. So where is the food?
I went in, still soaking wet from the waist down, that's when I realized they were just finished slicing up the innards and other ingredients! Whoa! So that means 3 more hours to wait!
Nothing else I can do but wait, so I asked my friend to provide me with a pair of dry shorts for the meantime, because I was not only feeling cold because I am hungry but also because of my wet pants.
He gave me a pair of shorts and when I was a bit warmer, I try ransacking through his refrigerator and looking for anything to eat. There were few left over, bread and a Cinnamon bread. Got hold of the cinnamon bread and mixed me a cup of coffee. Feeling warm and still anticipating the hot and spicy soup and soft and tender innards to be served, I set my self in front of the TV and my friend played a movie about who knows what starring who knows who which I slept half way through anyway. When it was finished, it was 2:40 p.m. and now something is really cooking!
You can smell the distinct smell of the dish and it makes my mouth water a lot. I stood up and checked the pot and boy, it looks so good. I ask my friend if it was ready and he said it was not soft enough and it would be better to wait for a few minutes more.
I was thinking, yeah it should be at least 3 hours, I just sigh and sit and tried to listen to music on my MP3 player which, after several music, went dead because I forgot to charged it this morning. So much for passing time listening to music, I went out and looked around the backyard for some Sour sop fruit (guyabano) but there is no fruit that would be right for the picking. So I just tried to get some more kamias from the tree instead and was planning to preserve it.
I was really into the picking when my friend called out and finally, the dish was done.
I hurried back to the kitchen and there it was, steaming hot and looking so tasty was a bowl of Sinanglaw just for me. I got some ground pepper and chili and put some on my bowl. At long last it was ready.
My first sip of the soup and wowww! It is as I imagined it would. Hot, spicy, tasty and the innards were as soft as the way it should be. Sinanglaw, from a recently butchered cow. Newly cooked, hot and as spicy as I wanted it to be. I didn't just settle for a bowl mind you, I finished 3 bowls of it. One for every hour I have waited. And the aching butt? it is not aching anymore, for I am enjoying with my hearts content the hot, spicy and very tender Sinanglaw.
Now it was really worth all the trouble and wait......

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That Darn Cat

Kikoy, thats my cats name. Ask me why, then I will make another blog just for the story.
He is not the best looking cat in the world (or even in my neighborhood) nor is he the most malambing cat or even near one, that he does not like being cuddled. He is not the kind of cat that would sit on your lap and purr all day, nor sit beside you at the end of the day.
But what he is is a darn cat that as I observed, has 3 kinds of personality ( is the term right?).
The first one would be seen when I arrive home everyday from work. He is always waiting for me calling out from the veranda when he sees me at the front gate of the compound, then greets me with a big meowwww as i climb the stairs. As soon as I open the door thats it. He would then go off his way as if saying "there you are, now I can go my way".
The second personality takes over at a time that he's hungry and you might even say that I was lying in my first paragraph. There is a complete transformation that happens. He would follow you everywhere in the house (including the comfort room if yu would use it), would sit beside you and purr all the way, with his big eyes that he tries to make pa-cute stuff. Turning and tossing, crying out loudly, and would actually allow you to cuddle him.
But lo, once feeding is done, whoaaaa..the third personality comes loose. At this point he has no care in the world. He would do his thing as if your not in the house and would not mind even the most attractive call you do to get his attention. Try to show him food, one stare is all you get. He does not even mind using the most comfortable pillow you got at home nor the bed itself. He would clean himself up and sleep the rest of the day. Try to lay beside him and you will hear ( I swear I do) a murmuring complain from him.
But all in all, what Kikoy is to me is a Darn cat that has been my company for the past years and we both have ( Im not sure about him) no complain of our companionship. If I wake up in the early in the morning to use the rest room, he would join me and also do his thing (he uses the shower area as his john). And if I stay at home during weekends to just lay around and watch movies, he is there sitting on the other sofa either sleeping or cleaning himself up. He is still young ( only 2 years old in human lifetime) so I still expect him to be around for some more years.
So what is Kikoy for me? the best and loyal companion that I have all these years and I really love this Darn cat..until Kikay, a puppy, arrived.....but thats another blog...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now I am finish with my far

Whoa....its past midnight on my 2nd evening of editing the layout for this blog site and so far I am almost done.
This would be my first posting in my blog site and second written, or should I say typewritten blog (the first was in my Friendster site).
What can I say so far...hmmmmmmm...well its been fun doing the editing although I must admit I still need somebody to tell me what the heck I should do to make the slideshow work!!!!
Let me see, well, as I said this would be my outlet to say most if not all of the things I have in mind. My opinion may not be the same as yours but what the heck, its mine anyway but still I will accept your point of view of things. Since I am now alone in a foreign land, this is one way of me expressing myself as if somebody will read or answer me back...your S..d, hehehehehe.
Ayways, my friends, acquiantances and the likes,feel free to give me your opinions in the later part when I start giving out my thought of things around us.
See yah...