Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Back!!

Its been a month since my last posting. Been busy lately. With what? Well I have acquired new gadgets and have been tinkering with it every now and then, spending most of my time exploring their potentials.
I decided to replace my AcerOne net book. Don't get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with the AcerOne net book. In fact I was really impressed by what it can do. It was more than I expected. But I still decided to upgrade to something that I could use for the demands of both work and play. No, I did not get myself a new laptop, I still want a net book but with a better feature than my AcerOne.
So, I got a Samsung NC10 net book. Basic specifications includes a 6 cell lithium battery (as compared to a 3 cell battery of AcerOne); a 160 GB hard drive (120 GB for my Acer); a 1 GB RAM; a 10.1" screen; and a built in Bluetooth. The keyboard is much bigger and more comfortable for somebody with large fingers like me, avoiding typos. Most other specs are more or less the same with AcerOne. I got a white one just like my AcerOne. The thing that made me decide to get this net book is the upgradable RAM. When I ordered this net book, I included a 2 GB RAM. The RAM is accessible at the back of the net book and upgraded easily , which I did even before turning it on for the first time.
I am impressed with its wi-fi reception. With my AcerOne, I use the wi-fi when I am at a hotspot like at the Telecom lobby. I only get a one bar signal at home. But with the NC10, I get a good signal and have been using wi-fi when going to the net with it. Though I still installed an external USB modem which I use when I am at work.
Just like the AcerOne, the NC 10 speakers is not worth the mention, but with a Bluetooth built -in, I use my Bluetooth headphone and get a good quality sound.
Next gadget I got is my Sony Webbie Camcorder. It a new video camera from Sony. A very handy High definition(??) video camera which uses a memory stick as storage instead of a hard drive or tape. It can also take a 5MP still photos, good enough for 3R or 5R size photos.
I tried this cam for the first time and was impressed by the video quality it produced, and to think I used it indoor at night time. The video was bright even without using the built-in spot light. Se , the video was even better when I used it outdoors when we had lunch by the beach.
I got a 8gb memory stick with this camera so I got lots and lots of pictures and video storage. The drawback of this video camera is its battery. It is built in and last for less than 2 hours and has to be plug to charge. So if you ran-out of juice during a take then you have to stop and charge for about an hour. Not like a conventional camera where you can get an extra battery and charge one while using another so you can take videos for hours.
But still, this videocam is a good buy. It simplicity and handiness would be worth your money.
Lastly, and what made me really busy is the last gadget I got. It got me sleep late at night from the time I got it. Its not a new gadget available in the market, but it really made me excited when I got it. It brought out the kid in me, literally.
I got myself a Nintendo DS bundled with a Guitar Hero game. This game really got me hooked. The day I got this game, I did not stopped until I finished the easy round which was about 3 in the morning. I now realize how the kids feel when they got a new toy and wants to play with it all day through. This has become my relaxing therapy when I come home after work. Presently, I am starting with the hard level.
The music line-up is very good. I like playing Nirvana's Breed, Santana's Black Magic Woman and Skid Row's Youth Gone Wild. When you're hooked, you tend to head bang with the music, and start to feel as if you are really playing a guitar. I cant wait until I get my hands on a full size Guitar Hero Game.
I have the Guitar Hero on Tour game and planning to buy the Guitar Hero Decades version. But I will try to finish this game first. I am having a hard time with the first stage of the Hard Level so I think it will still take time before I get to purchase this Decades game.
Now you know the reason why I have not updated my blog. And since you know I am still around, I can now get back to my gadgets……see you later…

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zorlone said...

Cool stuff you got here! I love gadgets too!

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