Sunday, December 28, 2008


I got to do 3 things at the same time this morning: cook my seafood spaghetti for my potluck this lunch time; eat my breakfast/lunch (brunch); and do this blog.
I wonder which would go awry first, burn my spaghetti, pour coffee on my net book or misspell all my words in this blog. Hmmm, the last would be the most welcome if ever.
It’s a friend’
s birthday today and my other friends planned a surprise (surprise in Pohnpei?) party for her this lunch time. It will be a seaside luncheon cum birthday party. They called me up last night and informed me of the plan. I was thinking of bringing a vegetable salad (again) but since it’s a seaside party why not a seafood spaghetti instead? Logical isn’t it? So I went to the nearby grocery and purchase seafood mix and the pasta. I have tried this experiment of mine so many times and no untoward complaints or problem happened so why not try again.
I was looking through my personal cooler (I don’t call it refrigerator for it cannot even freeze a hotdog) and remembered somebody gave me some beef. It thawed alright and started to have a bit of change in color. So I decided to tapa some of it and cook nilaga for the rest. So I got some cabbage and potatoes and boiled the beef. Looking at the clock, it’s almost 10:00 am. Deciding whether to have early lunch or late breakfast, well there is this thing that they called Brunch. So brunch it is. Coffee anyone?
Now this blog. I tried to make one last night about another birthday party I attended last December 24 and straight to the Christmas noche buena I shared with friends, but I was not in a mood and no thoughts were flowing. I think I had 3 to 5 sentences and it was for about an hour already. So I just gave it up.
Well, my spaghetti is done, almost finished my food and so I also have to end this blog. So if anybody out there is interested in ordering my seafood spaghetti you know my e-mail……

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